Equipment Profiles

Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment is key to providing quality parts and services. Durose’s high-tech manufacturing equipment gives us the edge to perform some of the most complex fabrications within the industry, and our ability to implement customized fabrication projects enables us to accommodate our clients’ specific design requirements.

Durose has rolling capabilities unique to the industry, and one of the largest section-bending capabilities in North America. Using specialized computer software, our skilled craftspeople transform angles, bars, beams, channels, plates and pipes into complex structural applications…all completed in-house. We are a one stop solution provider! See our full equipment list below.

Cutting and Shearing

Type of EquipmentQuantity
Pullmax – Plate shear ¾ “ thick x 200” wide1
Pearson – Plate Shear 3/8” thick x 120 wide1
Vernon tool – CNC Pipe Cutting Machine1
Saw – CNC1
LVD Strippit 6KW Laser Cutting Machine 10’x24’ capacity1
MESSER Multi – Process Centre w/Beveling Capability 10’ x51’ capacity1


Type of EquipmentQuantity
1500 Ton Press Brake – 20’1
750 Ton Press Brake – 26’1
400 Ton Press Brake – 16’1
175 Ton Press Brake1
PP250 Structural Rolling up to 30” beam E-Z Way and 24” beam Hard Way1
PP200 Structural Rolling up to 16” bean e-E-Z Way and 12” Hard Way1
Z52 Structural Rolling up to 6x6x1’ Angle1
Z33 Structural Rolling up to 3x3x3/8” Angle1
Z41 Structural Rolling up to 5x5x3/4” Angle1
Pullmax – Plate Rolling up to 3” thick x 12” wide and 15/8” thick x 120” wide1
Plate Rolling to ¾” x 120” wide1


Type of EquipmentQuantity
WHN(Q) 13 CNC – Boring Mill 130mm 5-metre X travel and 3-metre Y travel – TOS2
TOS 130mm CNC Boring Mills X/Y Heidenhain Controllers2
Vertical Machine Center2
Horizontal Lathes
VW Gantry Milling Machine – Double Column Machine Center


Type of EquipmentQuantity
Miller Delta Welders 400 Amp c/w swing arc booms35
Robotic Welding Cells3


Type of EquipmentQuantity
Paint Booth 24 ft wide x 240 ft long1
Material Frit Blasting Machine1
CPR High Pressure Water System includes Chemical/Water TreatmentInstalled 2012

Other Equipment

Type of EquipmentQuantity
Overhead Cranes up to 50 Ton lifting capacity32