Case Studies

Case Study 3 – Komatsu Corporation – Rear Axle Box Housing

Komatsu Corporation is a global leading manufacturer of large-scale equipment in a handful of industries, including mining, forestry, and construction. The company also plays a large role in the development of forklifts and industrial mechanisms.

Many aspects of the equipment are developed by other industry partners and companies that specialize in specific parts and pieces that make up these mechanisms. That’s where Durose comes in.

The housing of the rear axle is a hollow supporting beam and is the axle of an automobile. The housings are cast of steel or malleable cast iron or are stamped and welded. The tubular casings of the axle shafts are pressed or welded into the housing of the rear axle and form a complete unit with it. 

Rear Axle Box Housings are a prime example of complex Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) components that can be produced by our company, as all processes from the creation of raw material to painting and finishing touches are performed in house. Our facility is large enough and well equipped to handle the entire development from start to finish.

Durose Manufacturing is a natural fit to produce these components, given the use of steel, and develops hundreds of these mechanisms a year.

We’re proud of the ability to contribute to these industries that work to provide major projects and additions to large-scale, global infrastructure, along with the ability to manufacture these parts from start to finish at our facility.